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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can I make payments online?

No. All payments must be paid through our billing company. You will need to call our billing company to handle this. (1-800-748-4949)

  1. Does freezing stop my payments?

All month-to-month contract members are allowed up to three months to freeze account, with a $10.00 monthly charge. Up-fit fee will still apply.

  1. How do I update my account billing, address or personal information?

You may call our billing company for all billing issues/updates (1-800-748-4949).

  1. How old do you have to be to work out in your clubs?

A parent or guardian can sign for a child at the age of 12 years, but the guardian must be wit them when working out. Once member reaches 16 years of age, no supervision is required.

  1. I lost my barcode- can I get another one?

You may ask the front desk staff for a new barcode at any time, free of charge.

  1. What is the Up-Fit fee?

Our annual Up-Fit fee is applied to every member in Apex on January 1st and in Greenville on June 1st. 100% of that money contributes to purchase new and upgraded exercise machines, equipment for weight area, aerobics area, fitness classes and boot camps.  This money also goes toward improving the quality of existing equipment and amenities in the facility. 

  1. What should I do if a piece of equipment is broken or an area of the gym is dirty?

Please notify management or front desk staff as soon as possible, to help us keep the gyms as clean and functional as possible. Our friendly staff will be sure to address the concern immediately.

  1. Who is Paramount?

Paramount is the billing and collections company for Fit For Life 24.



  1. 30 Day Cancellation

All month-to-month contracts or contracts in auto renewal require a 30 day written cancellation notice. You must obtain a Cancellation Form from the gym and submit it by hand delivery or certified mail along with the documentation required. This 30 day notice is taken from your billing date.

  1. Can I cancel my membership contract?

Should you” permanently” move your residence more than twenty-five miles from any gym locations, payment on this contract will be suspended upon payment of an appropriate cancellation fee of $150.00 and legitimate verification of the move. $150.00 termination fee applies to each member on the account.

  1. Transfer Membership

Your membership is transferrable to a new member upon payment of a $60 transfer fee.



  1. Can I bring my own personal trainer to the gym?

No. Our own experienced, certified personal trainers would love to help you reach your goals or individual needs!

  1. I have a question about an exercise machine or working out a certain muscle group. Who can help me?

Fit For Life 24’s staff are more than willing to help and provide guidance and advice.