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Lacey Schwab is a recent 2013 graduate from East Carolina University with a degree as a Health Fitness Specialist. She also completed an internship in Melbourne, Florida at a personal training specific facility. Her specialties range across all ages using functional movements for exercise. She primarily works with general population turned athletes as well as younger and older individuals who need certain modifications of any kind. Her goals are to get her CSCS and CPT certifications as well as get back into graduate school for continuing education. Many of her clients have found success whether it's through weight loss or muscle gain but have also found a new life and passion for fitness as she does.

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Tim is certified with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), allowing him to be a 2007 Authorized Continuing Education Provider. If you are an AFAA certified instructor, you can earn quality continuing education units by attending any of Tim’s educational programs.



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Rollin Shepheard is a recent 2016 graduate from East Carolina University with a Health Fitness Specialist Degree. Fit For Life 24 was the home for his Spring 2016 internship where he demonstrated many different abilities such as personal training, fitness assessments, health evaluations, group & children’s fitness, as well as customer service. One of his favorite quotes that helped him on the path to personal fitness was a quote from his Dad “The person you see yourself to be, will in the end be the person you become.” Rollin has always had a passion for the Health & Fitness field – he finds enjoyment through helping others reach their personal fitness goals and finding what motivates them!


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Joey Garris comes to Fit For Life 24 with a Bachelor of Science from East Carolina University with a major in Exercise and Sports Science but with a focus on a career as a Health Fitness Specialist. Mr. Garris brings this feature filled skillset in personal training and much more: weight loss, strength training, sports training and conditioning, endurance training, nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle change consultant. You will find a quality degree-backed service along with a nearly decade long proven track record with Joey.

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With proven results, experience, and an education in the sciences of exercise and sports, I work hard to give each client the time and the tools necessary to build the body they desire as well as supply the knowledge to implement the lifestyle changes necessary to maintain their health, well being, and performance.

Having a strong faith and love for my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, has taught me to work hard, love people, and do everything I do as unto the Lord and for His glory.

I have a passion for sports, especially basketball, golf, and football, and have worked with athletes of all ages and all types of sports. So whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or get stronger and faster, let me know what I can do to help.

Having just recently completed the Metabolic Effect Personal Training Certification as well as the TRX Suspension Trainer Certification, I now have even more tools available to give you the best training available. Be sure to check them both out online for more information and success stories atwww.metaboliceffect.com and www.trxtraining.com. Also see me for your fat loss nutrition as I am in the process of completing the Metabolic Effect Nutrition certification.


I began working with Joey on April 13th 2010. He has been a great support for me not only as a trainer but in regards to nutrition as well. We meet three days a week (of which I also do cardio) and I come on the alternating three days and for 45-60 minutes of cardio on my own. Most of the time I take Sundays off. I drink loads of water which is like taking medicine for me and I have altered my diet (primarily in regards to protein intake and number of meals per day). I had to get out of the mindset of just losing pounds and focus on gaining lean muscle mass and decreasing body fat percentages. He has mixed up the routines for me in a way that keeps them from becoming mundane and I am pleased with my progress so far. It’s been a great ride so far and I anticipate looking my best ever by the time I am 50 (which gives me three more years).

from Jeff Baines

Last fall when we had pictures made for our church directory, I realized that my big roll of belly fat was out there for God and everybody to see! That picture along with my daughter’s upcoming wedding and the inevitable photos were enough for me to summon up the willpower to go back to the gym. My daughter and I lined up training with Joey Garris at Fit For Life 24 around the beginning of the year. Since January, I have lost 26 pounds and my hips are 4 inches smaller, and the roll of belly fat is almost gone! My goal is to lose about 14 more pounds.In additional to being very knowledgeable about diet and fitness, Joey makes me feel confident about myself and my workout routine. If I want to target a specific problem area, Joey can give me a diet and workout routine designed for that particular problem. I like Joey because he is not only a good fitness instructor and pushes me just the right amount, he has a great personality and endures my endless whining without complaint. And, because Fit For Life 24 is open all the time (except Sunday) I can pop over to the gym at my leisure to work on cardio in-between training sessions.

Today while trying on dresses for the wedding, my daughter said “Mom, your butt looks really good in that dress!” That’s exactly what I’ve been working so hard for. With Joey and Fit For Life 24 I’m sure I will reach my goal in time for the Big Day.

from Beth Monday

This is my first experience with a personal trainer and I am very impressed with my results. I have trained with Joey Garris since January of 2010 post lap banding surgery in October 2009. Since training with Joey 2 to 3 days a week and working out on my own; I have lost 90+ lbs. My jobs require me to work 7 days a week and he works with my schedule. Joey is great in that he approaches fitness from a physical and dietary approach. He reminds me that I need to eat to lose and he gives me good information regarding proper nutrition. He pays close attention to me so that I can avoid injury during our sessions while prompting me to push myself harder. I feel better than I ever have before. At one time, I could barely crawl, I could hardly walk far, and now I can jog and sometimes I can run! I still can’t believe the new me. People don’t even recognize me anymore and my doctor uses me as an example for all of his patients. Thanks to Joey, my band, and God…I am a success story!!!!!Starting Weight 305 lbs
Current Weight 195 lbs.
Goal Weight 155 lbs

from Diana Coppage

Joey has introduced Metabolic Effect style workouts into the sessions we were already doing and I really enjoy the change of pace. I love the combination of movements and the fact it is set at my pace, meaning pushing through the workout and resting when I need regardless of how much time is left. I also love the nutrition suggestions. I thought I was eating healthier but changing a few things made my healthy foods work for my body to help lose fat. I am starting to see results but I feel so much better. Feeling good about what you are doing helps you stay on track and I know I will start to see even better results the longer I stick with this.

from Jennifer Schultz

I have to tell you how often I have been asked what I have been doing lately to be in such great shape. When I asked Joey to help me rehab my knee from surgery… I wasn’t expecting a total transformation! I have noticed a huge difference in my knee and the… strength I have regained… Dr Perdue was impressed with what I have been able to accomplish. Best of all I have been able to get in better shape overall and I feel great. I am a statement of Joey’s approach to total body conditioning. I’ve worked with 3 different trainers, and I have loved each of them… however this is the first time I have noticed such a HUGE difference. I challenge anyone who needs a little motivation to give Joey a call! I look forward to hearing Perdue’s comments at my 6 month check up and posting my progress… I’m beyond thrilled!! Thank you!

from Wagner Fields

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Brandon Luther comes to Fit for Life 24 with an Exercise and Sports Science degree from East Carolina University with the concentration as a Health Fitness Specialist.  Along with his four-year degree, Brandon also backs up his knowledge in health and fitness with two certifications through the American College of Sports Medicine as a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Health Specialist.  Brandon has worked with and has seen great results in clients of all ages with different fitness goals; these goals ranging from extreme weight loss, to gaining muscle size and definition, and just improving their overall health and feeling better about themselves.

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If you are looking for someone with a love for health and fitness and a motivating personality to hit your fitness goal of any kind, then I would be a great coach in starting your journey to a healthy lifestyle.